Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time for a Quickie

Check out that ticker on the right hand side of the screen peeps... down 22 pounds!!! When I hit the 20 pound milestone I rewarded myself with a couple of healthy, fat-free treats.  I had a massage - blissful relief for my nearly continuously sore muscles. And, I dragged my family to REI to help me purchase my first pair of SPD spin shoes. Lucy has a very instinctual eye for good shoes. She pointed to the most expensive pair and said, "Oh, mommy, I like those, they're so pretty!"

I've been cruising in a kind of maintenance-mode since the 22 pounds, you know, trying out recipes for "healthy cupcakes" and slacking on the food journal. I haven't lost anything in a week and a half. I think I needed a break from the militant-style-weight-loss-obsession-mode I was sporting. I went to visit my sister over the 4th of July, sans the blond pixies, and it was a huge treat and such a revitalizing few days.

The break was good. I need it. I feel glad that I took it. But, y'all, break's over.

I'm feeling rested, renewed, and ready to ramp it up. Plus, I have a play date at the beach in 5 weeks, and that "Dynamic Physique" class I've been meaning to try at the gym just might be the ticket to feeling cuter in my swim suit.

Until next time...

Here's a link to a blog I follow by a "30ish working mom with a passion for coming up with lite recipe ideas." It is chock full of fabulous ideas and a source of a lot of recent inspiration for me, even my healthy cupcakes. Check it out.


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