Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pocket Full of Sunshine

SWEAT is fat crying

Yesterday at this time, I was drenched in fat tears when I walked a little delirious but still victorious out of my hot yoga class. My first workout of 2012. 

I'm a big believer in resolutions. I think there is something very cleansing and renewing about entering a new year. I love dreaming about all the promises that a new year brings and I love reflecting back on the year that has just past and all the precious memories and accomplishments that I can pull out of my pocket to treasure any time I wish. 

I believe with full confidence that I will finish losing weight this year and begin the task of maintaining it for the rest of my life. And I think the time has come to document the physical transformation I made last year. 

Last December, on Maya's 1st Birthday.

In April 2011, on Lucy's 3rd Birthday.

These two photos were taken last January, just one year ago.

This was me in October 2011.
And this is me, last week, at Maya's 2nd Birthday Party. 
Sifting through pictures to produce this post was so revealing to me. Daily changes happen in such small increments that it can be so frustratingly difficult to see the transformation. Well, I see it now. And if you are super crafty, and look carefully you might just notice what I'm sporting on my left ring finger. 

It's going to be a Happy, happy, happy New Year.