Monday, July 22, 2013

Guava Goddess

I've kind of gotten into Kombucha. I'm sitting at my "mother's desk" in my new 
house, sipping on Kombucha wondering where the heck to start after taking such a 
lengthy hiatus. I keep staring at my drink, hoping it will bring me inspiration, 
the words on which to build a castle. I guess, I'll go with it. 

So, Kombucha.

This one is called Guava Goddess. I originally bought it because it is a really 
pretty shade of pink. Kombucha is basically an effervescent fermentation of 
sweetened tea. According to wikipedia it is, "a symbiotic colony of bacteria and 
yeast." I mean, did you ever know of a happier marriage than that of bacteria 
and yeast? It tastes a little like weak vinegar, slightly stale and bubbly 
flavored vinegar. I thought if it were a fun color it might help me gag it down. 
I'm really selling you on this, aren't I? Did I mention it is GOOD FOR YOU? 
During the Chinese Qin Dynasty it was hailed as, "a beverage with magical powers 
enabling people to live forever." Well, hells bells, for $4.69 at Whole Foods 
you can buy the Elixir of Life, health in a hippy dippy marketed glass bottle. I 
mean, duh. Of course I'm kind of into Kombucha. 

To steal a line from Sydney Carton, the last year of my life has been the best 
of times and the worst of times. Adam and I bought our first house. I love it, 
and our new community, so much I still feel like I'm dreaming. I earned a 
promotion. My daughters, oh my daughters - can't even go there. They are amazing 
little pixies. The good wins, it completely dominates but there have been lows. 
And I'm not just referring to my acquired taste for bacteria and yeast. There 
are times I'd like to sweep away, just pretend they didn't happen. I wish 
desperately I could just brush all the pounds that I gained back under some 
chevron patterned rug, hidden from the world like dust bunnies and shed dog 
hair. Home Depot doesn't sell brooms that slick. And it is sad. Admitting it is 
sadder. Because I know I don't have to admit it. I wear it, I literally can't 
hide it or pretend it away. I am not quite to my heaviest weight, but I'm close. 


So there it is, although, I know you already knew. 

Here is the thing, the unexpected thing I can't believe that I actually believe. 
I am not a failure. I may have failed at something. But that one failure does 
not define me. 

I am a Guava Goddess - an enlightened, self loving fool. I figure if an ancient 
Chinese Qin Dynasty tea can make a comeback, why can't I?


  1. Life is a learning process. We have our ups and downs. And even though your body may have recently been set back...your life otherwise has jumped forward in leaps and bounds. Get back on the horse girl! If anyone I know can do it...that would be you. Your just one of those people who can do it all. Can't wait to see the new place!

  2. You and your girls are amazing! Thank you for continuing to be such a great example of prioritizing the important things and laughing when the plan doesn't come together as expected. Congrats all of your accomplishments this year! You are remarkable.

  3. You are amazing! You have accomplished much and have many things to call victories! I know you will do great -cheers to a new start from one of your biggest fans.