Sunday, March 6, 2011

There is No Try

1.) Drink only water.
2.) Never eat alone.
3.) Eat sitting down, at a table.
These are my simple attainable goals for the week, they probably even seem silly. They only seem silly because you don't know how brilliant they are... these three goals directly and yet discreetly attack some of my most prohibitive habits - drinking my calories. OK, obvious. Eating by myself or in secret, embarrassing but true. (Plus, besides being my goal of the week and new weight loss accountability technique, "Never Eat Alone" is the revolutionary secret to success, one relationship at a time according to Keith Ferrazzi - Harvard MBA, son of a steelworker and networking extraordinaire.) And these goals help to combat my DLS, Diane Lane Syndrome. Let me explain, Diane Lane was in a very bad film, Must Love Dogs, in the movie, she's at a grocery store deli counter ordering a single chicken breast. When she requests only one chicken breast the clerk politely suggests that she order more so that she can take advantage of the sale price, at first she declines but the clerk persists, gently trying to help her take advantage of the daily special, to which she charmingly and hysterically melts down and says, "I usually eat alone, most of the time standing over the kitchen sink, I don't want a bunch of extra chicken lying around!"
I have been feeling defeated. A little beaten down by some mishaps and maladies over the last month and full on just peeved at myself for losing control. I need some help. I need some support. I need some success.
Success I will have.
I am emerging from the dark side, taking only what I bring with me. I believe, that is why I succeed.

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